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Building a Better Beaver Builder with Dam Good Modules

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A few weeks ago, the Designer wrote about his love for WebFlow, a powerful visual builder that provides great tools for designers. As a developer, I’m drawn to WordPress. It’s been around for quite a while now, and accounts for a full 39% of the internet. Take a moment to let that sink in. 17 WordPress posts are published every second around the world. One of the reasons for its dominance is that WordPress is open source and fully extensible with plugins. You can think of plugins as the “apps” of the WordPress platform — anything you can imagine, you can build to make WordPress do what you want. One thing it has lacked, though, is an intuitive visual builder to enable rapid development and better user experience. Enter Beaver Builder, our favorite drag and drop visual editor for WordPress with an adorable mascot.

The Beaver Builder community is growing incredibly fast, and for good reason. In addition to allowing for rapid and intuitive development, it continues the proud tradition of WordPress as a leader in Open Source. Beaver Builder makes building custom modules a breeze, with a great framework to build out all parts of a successful module.

We’ve been working on a collection of modules for Beaver Builder that we’re calling Dam Good Modules (which also has an adorable mascot), and we currently have two modules included in the pack. They’re functionalities that we found ourselves needing as we built sites for clients, but which none of the existing module packs had.

Check out the demos!

This is just the beginning. We have tons of ideas for new modules that we think will add a lot of value to the Beaver Builder community. Expect many more modules as we grow the pack to include more Dam Goodness. We are looking to use our unique skills in design, development, and analytics to come up with solutions that people want, and to make the Beaver Builder community even more vibrant and productive.

Have ideas for modules that you’re looking for in a page builder? Leave us a comment below and we can discuss!


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