A Well Rounded Team

Josh Silverbauer

Optimizer Extraodinaire

Jamey DiLorenzo

Number Machine Guy

Pete DiLorenzo

Design-a-saurus Rex

Dan Campbell


Paul Impellizeri

Chief House DJ

We’ve known each other a long time - most growing up in the same town, and some of us, even in the same bedroom! We’ve shared a lot of experiences together over the years, and we’re always looking to create more with all sorts of cool people.


With us, Great Big Agency isn’t just about business. It’s actually very personal. Sure, doing well is important and is the end goal, but having fun along that journey is something we refuse to do without. We find it makes success easier, so our thoughts can be summed up by asking “why not do both?”


We’re so glad you asked! Part of what makes us move is getting to know awesome people, with their awesome ideas, and the awesome businesses they run so we can help share them with the world. By taking advantage of the fact that we have two halves of our brains, we fuse creativity with strategy to make our friends (that’s you, ahem) stand out with an outside-the-box approach. Plus, we like to laugh. And we like to make you laugh. So, lets have some fun.



Who We've Worked With

We work with the amazing companies who all want to do something different. And we'd love to work with you too. No business is too small or big.  It's more about what you want to create.

Great companies aren’t built by following the herd, and we know you ain’t no herd-follower…