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Adding Tech to Tech

RoundTrip is a promising young startup that is looking to tackle a large issue by bringing in smart technology. To help manage their growth, they sought out a way to add efficiencies to their day-to-day, and thought about how to better use their website. Their original version was nice for providing information to their constituents, but they wanted to improve upon it by rearranging some info for clarity and finding a way to also bring in smart technology on their end to automate some tasks.

Transporting People and Data

The great part about running a technology company, without a doubt, has to be that it’s technology-ready! When you’ve got an app that is connected to a database, it’s a logical next step to connect all of that to your website to truly maximize the connectivity. For RoundTrip, that meant adding new forms for all the various user types that could be automatically added into their marketing and communication systems. Why keep everything offline in 3 different places and manually transfer when you can have it all sync up so easily? One click, and boom; watch it all come together!

With a new structure to support multiple user groups in line with their admin tasks, this provided a prime opportunity for a little Spring Cleaning and reorganization. We worked together to come up with a look that could convey what they were all about: something comforting and warm. Something to add positive vibes in the medical industry and lets people know RoundTrip is there to help. Working back and forth with their team, we put our heads together and came up with something that fits just that.

In the end, RoundTrip added some helpful tools to their website and took the opportunity to switch up some designs to touch on not only what they do, but how you feel when they do. Much like the car to the carriage, this improvement can really make an impact.

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