Optimized websites bring more business.

Do you really want your website to be an absolute zero? We didn't think so. A calculated approach leads to maximum performance.

Why optimize your website?

First things first, your website is actually more useful than you think! Optimization is all about bringing out the hidden value to get the most out of what you've got. This process improves your existing website to help make better decisions and drive more sales—without starting from scratch.


Gain insight into where users go, how they interact, and what's working or not.


Directly connect website activity to your core metrics and business goals.


Focus efforts on localized areas and experiment with new creative ideas.


Get user feedback with proven positive results before making live changes.

Start with
accurate data...

The problem with Google Analytics out-of-the-box is that it's deceptively misleading. You think you can trust the numbers but when it comes to accuracy, it gives too much useless information, based on irrelevant activity, that doesn't provide nearly enough actionable insight.

Here's the good news. All it takes is a little customization, organization, and cleanup to become a powerhouse for decision-making. This opens you up to a whole new world.

See What Your Numbers Say

To make
effective change.

Once you can trust your information and know it provides the data your business needs, that's where Optimization comes in. We focus on key areas that can have the largest impact and test how changes affect performance.

Backed by the power of statistics, we can analyze the outcome and provide reliable recommendations for results-oriented improvements to your site.

See What Your Users Think

The foundations of optimization.

Our Discovery-Based Approach is built upon 4 key components which, together, allow for intentional & impactful change.

Research traffic data.

We take a deep dive into the numbers to determine where a change would be most impactful.

Gather user feedback.

We solicit opinions and suggestions for improvement directly from potential customers.

Deliver strategic direction.

We determine which method would make the most effective use of time and resources.

Understand user patterns.

We observe user activity under curated circumstances to uncover patterns and trends.

The analytics physical.

We'll walk through your Google Analytics to give you a sense of how it's set up, how it's organized, and how you can find more value in your data. You'll get a free 20-30 minute video that covers:

  • Data readability and cleanliness
  • Areas of missed opportunity
  • Quick fixes for a dramatic impact
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Head start on change.

We'll give you the ability (for free) to see what literally everyone does on your site. Not through numbers, but through a visual platform where you can watch activity from the POV of your users. You'll learn:

  • Site and page navigation patterns
  • Key button clicks and interactions
  • User pain points and dropoffs
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Our working process.

Here's what you can expect when we join forces together. We aim to be as thorough & transparent as we can be.

Step 1


What defines success to you? Let's talk all about your business goals and how your website could support them. We'll discuss the valuable information it could provide about your users to ultimately drive revenue growth.

Step 2


Can you rely on your data? We'll clean up your analytics so you can intuitively find what's most important, understand it, and directly connect website events and conversion activities with your key performance indicators.

Step 3


Where are the best opportunities? Taking a deep dive into the numbers, we'll shine a light on key patterns and trends. This information will highlight areas with the greatest potential to positively impact growth.

Step 4


How will we get from point A to Z? We'll map out a custom gameplan utilizing a targeted strategy that will prioritize our efforts and guide a long-term campaign. We'll thoroughly explain the rationale and what we aim to learn.

Step 5


What do your users really want? Through various qualitative and quantitative methods, we take a discovery-based approach that puts the focus on learning. This allows users, when given options, to tell us themselves what is the best path forward.

Step 6


What did we learn and what should we do? With preferences communicated straight from the source, we recommend follow up tests or even live changes to your site that customers proved work. Then we move to the next opportunity and repeat.

Meet your digital wizards.

We may be good when it comes to numbers and UX, but the magic really happens when it comes to relationships. It's important to us that you not only enjoy the work we do, but the experience we share together.

  • Transparent & Direct

    We let you in on every step of our process so you know what's up.

  • Collaborative

    Teamwork makes the dream work. You're not “clients,” you're partners!

  • Laid Back

    We keep it light and stress free, complete with dad jokes and creative games.

More About Us

Prompt, professional, and expert service for web design.  Always responsive to client's needs. Having had experience with many other such professionals, GB is the go-to service!

- Ditza Katz PT PhD | Women's Therapy Center

GBDA implemented a bunch of improvements on my site I never would have thought of myself. In the end, they optimized everything to capture more customers, and through a better analytics setup I was able to significantly decrease my ad spending while maintaining a high level of business.

- Tom Rudnitsky | PhilaTuner

Frequently asked questions.

Can't find the answers you're looking for? Get In Touch for some rarely asked questions.

About Optimization

We don't rely on hunches or intuition, and instead focus on what we can learn from experiments, tests, and analysis. Rather than trying to prove our ideas are right, we seek to provide multiple viable options or ask open-ended questions to allow the users to show what's best. We just sit back and learn, uncovering the best steps to take directly from the source.

Yes, every website can benefit from conversion rate optimization. The specific tactics that we deploy will depend on the site, the traffic, the number of conversions, and how you make money online — whether you have an ecommerce site, a SaaS site, or a lead generation site.

An experiment involves creating alternate designs on your live website that are only visible to certain users, allowing us to measure which performs best using statistics. A test is limited to interaction with your site as it currently exists, allowing us to identify user patterns or to directly solicit feedback for further analysis.

Unless you have a use for it, no, you probably shouldn't. Focusing energy and attention on what matters most without getting bogged down by “fluff” allows you to make better decisions, faster. It's worth the discussion to see what would be valuable when setting up your tracking.

About Working with GBDA

We utilize a "point system" that allows us to mix-and-match an approach that works for you. Different tasks have different requirements, and the decision of whether to experiment, test, or analyze and what will change each month based on needs. You just choose a point package for a month-to-month retainer that fits your budget and we'll plan out an ongoing strategy to fit.

Depending on what we are trying to learn and how, it could be a matter of weeks or even just days. Different methods require varying amounts of time to gather data and physically implementing any changes just takes time. Generally speaking, experiments take longer while testing and analysis can be wrapped up more quickly.

Two ways: ongoing review and by extrapolation from experimentation. By tracking your conversions and how they tie to revenue (if you don't sell things directly on the site), we can estimate the impact based on your site activity and assess it on a regular basis. After running experiments, we can ballpark the expected lift based on the statistics.

If you have designers, developers, or copywriters, or even just ideas of your own, we encourage incorporating them into the process. Or, just sit back and let us take the lead. So long as we manage expectations and roles between teams, anything can work. We're in this together and our main objective is your success, however you want to be involved.

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