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After decades of experience as practitioners and thought leaders in the holistic health space, Drs. Andrea and Vincent felt the need to branch out to a larger area than their physical presence allowed. With the aim to educate on a grand scale about their oft misunderstood field while also providing resources to take action, they sought to build a website that could fuse the needs of those seeking help and those that could provide it in a digestible and approachable manner.

Turning Education into Action

To the pair of doctors, finding an all-encompassing resource for their field was hard to come by; educational websites were often highly focused on one particular practice, and resourceful websites often relied on an already educated base. There simply was no place for an uneducated person to explore options and learn about what could be done to help with what was ailing them.

In creating an educational hub where those seeking help could learn about the field from a bird’s eye view and then pinpoint specific modalities (AKA tactics or approaches) based on a common language of “how I want my health to improve,” they also established a marketplace for practitioners that could provide the service. With a fully functioning directory attached, service providers can gain new access to a larger, more aware group of would- be customers that can easily contact them.

With a website ecosystem that supports the needs of both health seekers and the practitioners that can help them, Explore Holistic can focus on what they've always wanted: continuing ongoing education.

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