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Full Page ARticle In Philly Ad Club

It’s fun getting press written about you, especially when you’re a young agency in your first year. Philly Ad News did a great spot on our growing agency. Transcription below:

“Brew and Glean?” “You mean ‘Blue and Green,’ right? As in…the colors?” Responses like these are the norm when Grue & Bleen introduces themselves to new contacts. (Oh, the perils of a “made-up” name.) But ask what Grue & Bleen means and why the agency chose such an unusual name, and CEO Josh Silverbauer is well-prepared with an answer.

The name was born out of a search for phraseology the team felt defined them as people: creative, dynamic, and colorful. With a seemingly meaningless Google search for “interesting colors,” they’d stumbled across their meaning. Through the Grue & Bleen Theory, philosopher Nelson Goodman argues that all expectations are based on past experience, though they shouldn’t be because we can’t assume anything will continue to exist in the same way forever—yes, even notions as black and white as the colors blue and green.

The group of childhood friends thought this was a perfect metaphor for the digital age of marketing. They know that even though certain concepts, strategies, and executions may work today, it is crucial to keep an eye on tomorrow in order to stay ahead. Once they’d found a name that summed up their goals and personality, the creation of their logo came naturally. They took visuals associated with the colors blue and green, then gave them the old Grue & Bleen switcheroo, resulting in a logo as creative, dynamic, and of course, colorful as they are.

Before establishing the agency, the guys of Grue & Bleen have been known to play music, put on rock operas, create silly political software, and invent board games together—so this next venture was a no-brainer. Now deep in the start-up agency lifestyle, this team of data-driven creatives love building websites and solving problems while enjoying each other’s company along the way.

Pretty cool!


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