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Our Newest Member – Paul Impellizeri

The First G&B Team Expansion

The story of how we officially transitioned from a four-person to a five-person team is a fun one which took place over an extended period of time. We met Paul at the Ruba Club when we were involved in a side project utilizing their entertainment space. We absolutely fell in love with the venue and began talks to barter our digital marketing services for use of the space, which the owner happily accepted.

Ruba Club – The Early Days

At the time, Ruba had someone in charge of their digital marketing, and the owner wanted our assistance in giving him some guidance in certain areas where he had less experience than we did. It seemed to us like a great trade at the time. Little did we know the pieces that we had set in motion when we started working closely with our very own Paul Impellizeri. It just so happened that we were going to make out like bandits. Unfortunately, our time was cut short because Paul is a rock star (legitimately) and he had to leave to go on a one month cross country tour, from Philadelphia all the way out to LA and Vancouver, leaving us utterly Paul-less…for the time being.

Paul’s Grand Return

Time went by and we continued working for (and out of) the Ruba Club, but we eventually decided it was best to leave in pursuit of our own space. Shortly thereafter, Paul returned home from his musical adventure and was looking for something new to do to make some more cash. He reached out to Josh to inquire about some freelance design work, and knowing that he was a cool guy, Josh happily obliged. Paul was back in our lives, working with us inside our new space, and getting to know the rest of the team as we continued to build our digital marketing agency.

Putting in the Time

Paul spent the next few months impressing us with not only the quality of his work, but also his ability to speak with clients, work in a group setting, and just be an overall awesome dude. He worked his butt off to prove to us that this was about more than a job to him. He wanted this to be a part of his life. He wanted to be more than just a freelancer. He wanted in. After having all the time we did with him, we found that we were all on the same page, and we made him an offer to join in our fun, our successes, our failures, our ups, our downs, and most importantly, our fun. Welcome to the team, Paul!


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