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A Digital Discussion


Great Big Digital CEO Josh Silverbauer speaks on the importance and effectiveness of the digital space in 2020

On June 17th, 2020, Great Big Digital’s “Optimizer Extraordinaire” Josh Silverbauer spoke on the importance of going digital in 2020. The following is a synopsis of the event, organized by 1776:

There is no ignoring it anymore: businesses are going digital. This transition has been the trend for the last 10 years, but in the time of COVID and beyond, going digital is no longer simply a good idea—it’s life or death for a business. We will take a look at the digital space, creative ways that companies have pivoted, and some great tools and resources to help businesses not only evolve, but scale.

For almost fifty minutes, Silverbauer discussed everything digital. From the dash-to-digital due to Coronavirus, to the tools available for businesses currently building their presence in the digital space, Silverbauer covered all bases. 
Wondering what the digital space is, what it could look like for your business, and how to get there? Check out Josh’s presentation, “Going Digital,” here:


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