Reimagine Your Hot Tub Sales Process

An engaging, easy-to-manage plugin that automates a key part of the leads funnel.


Quizzes are proven to be 20x more effective than standard email collection tools*

When users think they are participating in a game, they are more likely to opt in. The Premier Hot Tub Quiz takes it to another level and provides a best match that meets their specifications, giving them a “win” in the end.


Increased Leads

The Premier quiz gets customers more likely to opt in for a sales call


Higher Quality Leads

Customers submit info after making a stronger commitment to buy


Actionable Insights

Customer analytics lead to better business decisions to increase sales

Leads Funnel Comparison


“Standard” Hot Tub Quiz

A standard quiz (which, in reality, is just a multi-step contact form) collects information from users to assist the sales team with a general inquiry discussion.



Premier Hot Tub Quiz

This quiz serves as an automated salesperson, selecting a hot tub based on a customer’s needs, which gets them excited to talk more about a particular model.

Set Your Sales Team Up for Success

Get customers to opt-in for a specific product BEFORE the sales call


What are Customers Thinking on a Sales Call?


STANDARD Quiz Customer

“I’d like your help to
SEARCH FOR something.”


PREMIER Quiz Customer

“I’d like your help to
SEARCH FOR something.”

How Does the Quiz Work?


Automated Matching

  • icon-wish_list

    Wish List Selection

    Like any other quiz, a would-be customer will select the options that matter most: purpose, seats, key features, and price range.

  • icon-Importance_weighting

    Importance Weighting

    Unlike any other quiz, with each preference the customer indicates how important that particular preference actually is to them.

  • icon-Perfect_Match

    Perfect Match Calculation

    Based on the importance, a customer is shown the best match along with key info to make a high-level purchase decision before contacting.


*Dashboard images depict the Analytics PRO Add-on


Analytics Integration

  • icon-Usage_dashboard

    Usage Dashboard

    Key stats are highlighted to show how people respond to the quiz and which products they’re most interested in.

  • icon-Selection_reporting

    Selection Reporting

    Each choice and importance weighting is tracked to provide insight into why customers act the way they do.

  • icon-Perfect_Match

    Customer Data Sync

    All key info, from contact details to quiz selections, is provided directly to the sales team so they can better understand the incoming leads and maximize the sale opportunity.

Analytics Comparison

Use your website to gather more data about your customers so you can better understand their preferences and make better business decisions.

What’s Included Typical Quiz Premier Quiz w/Analytics PRO
Contact Info
Individual User Choices
Historical Aggregated Data --
Top Products --
Quiz Engagement Stats --
Product Preference Stats -- --
Form Submission Stats -- --
Custom Date Range Views -- --
Exportable Data (CSV/PDF) -- --

We are big fans of the Interactive Hot Tub Quiz tool - it's been a HUGE driver of leads for the site!

— Bekah S. | Spring Dance Hot Tubs


Simple Set-Up & Management

  • icon-Connect_Inventory

    1. Connect Your Inventory

    Our intuitive interface allows you to add hot tub models for the quiz results to display and choose your preferred descriptions & images.

  • icon-Customize_Branding

    2. Customize Your Branding

    Modify background images, button colors, and fonts to ensure the quiz suits your company’s style and brand.

  • icon-Add_Quiz

    3. Add Quiz to the Website

    Insert the quiz as a section on any page of your website by using a quick short-code installation, and you’re ready to go!

  • icon-Customize_Branding

    4. Easily Update Inventory

    Make modifications to existing models, add/remove new ones, and temporarily hide out-of-stock items.

Common Questions

You can add details for products individually or in a bulk CSV upload. For each product added, you can assign values that line up with the quiz questions that will make the matching algorithm work! We've included documentation and video tutorials to walk you through it.

Yes, all data that is captured through the quiz can be sent directly to your CRM, though it will require some additional customization. This works similarly to any other form builder. 

Following the initial 30-day free trail, the plugin is billed on a monthly subscription plan with automated payments at the start of each period. You can cancel at anytime, and in that case, you will lose access to the quiz but not lose access to your data (you just can't collect any more). If you reactivate your license you can resume collection.

Yes, while we have built the plugin to make it as simple as can be, we also offer setup services to add your products and implement the quiz on the front end of your site, for an additional fee. For more details, contact us at [email protected].

Adding products will be similar to when you first get set up, and you can always change any product's inventory status in the Inventory Management section to remove it temporarily (or delete permanently) from the available options for a match.

You'll receive everything submitted by the customer during their quiz interaction, including the matched hot tub, all preferences & related importance, and contact info (includes zip code & interest in financing).

Here’s what this WOULD cost if you had it custom-built for your site:

Front End Design & Development

Multi-step form with custom styling, iconography, and device responsiveness

Inventory Management

Product custom post type tied to quiz selections

Calculation Logic

Importance slider driven algorithm to map to inventory

Analytics Tracking and Dashboards

Selection & timestamp with key data visualization


Total= $15-26k

Why not do it the easy way?!


Easy Setup.
Detailed Insights.
Better Leads.

Premier Hot Tub Quiz Base Plugin


No annual contract, you may cancel at any time.

Interactive Gameified Form

Product Matching Algorithm

Customizable Branding

Basic Analytics Dashboard

Quiz Inventory Management

Product Detail Customization

Submission Notifications

Technical Support

30-Day Free trial

w/Analytics Pro Add-On


No annual contract, you may cancel at any time.

Includes all features from Base Plugin, PLUS:

Data Visualization

Detailed Engagement Stats

Product Preference Stats

Form Submission Stats

Custom Date Range Views

Exportable Data (CSV/PDF)

30-Day Free trial

For any questions, please contact us at [email protected].