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Services Provided:

Tagging and Analytics

Wharton University of Pennsylvania

Wharton Data Research Services

The WRDS website holds and collects massive amounts of data which is available at their fingertips, but without organization, it was a challenge for them to sort through it for use in business decision making. With the introduction of strategic Google Analytics tags, event tracking, and custom reporting, WRDS now has the information and the tools necessary to act on the vast amounts of data they are collecting.

Gettin’ Taggy Wit It

Wharton wanted to understand their revenue stream while also being able to attribute price to different consumers. Utilizing the dataLayer, we were able to push certain data points to Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager, allowing them to get rich information beyond what standard Google Analytics could provide. From there we created custom reports, segments, and dashboards to provide a granular view into their consumer behavior to highlight trends and insights.

Testimonial From the Client

GB helped us reach our goals in developing our Google Analytics strategy. Their guidance in helping us configure and view our site's data is second to none.

- Eric Sauers, Marketing Technologist, Wharton Research Data Services

Wharton runs on analytics, and having deeper insights into their data allows them to truly understand how people are utilizing their site; all the much better if they get the information they need quickly.

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