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Sell House Philly

Simplicity and Depth Wrapped in a Fun Package

Sell House Philly is the new kid, er, president (?) on the block that is looking to help people sell their homes more easily than they ever could before. Real estate isn’t simple and many people have tons of questions about it, and the guys at Sell House Philly are there to answer them in the most straight-forward, jargon-free way possible. When it comes to major transactions, having someone in your corner you can trust goes a long way, and it doesn’t hurt when they feel they can also relate.

The Ol’ “I Could Have a Beer with Them” Approach

When people think of real estate, it can often conjure up the idea of agents in suits, mortgage bankers, and other not-so-normal-for-everyday-people kinds of things. That’s not all that fun. That’s why the branding for these fellas needed to be. It had to be approachable, friendly, down-to-Earth, but also helpful. When you’ve got friendly people that can truly educate on the ins and outs of the system, you don’t just feel good doing it, you know you made the right choice.

With a light-hearted lead generation platform and Honest Abe there to walk you through the toughest of transactions, the guys at Sell House Philly are here to cure Philly’s home selling woes.

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