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Promogo: Talent Meets Technology

Promogo was a newcomer to the tech scene with a vision to disrupt an entire industry. When we started working with Promogo, they were building themselves up from scratch; they had a solid direction for their brand but needed to refine their style to make a splash. They needed something exciting. Something beautiful. Something sleek. We built them a website and collaborated on the design of the accompanying mobile app, giving them the resources to impress not only the industry, but the world.

Creating the Model for the Future

We knew the logo colors, we knew the company goal, and we knew the market they wanted to disrupt. We also knew the website had to be something special to make its mark. It needed to announce to the world that, at long last, the promotional marketing industry was getting the tech upgrade it so desperately needed to change the way the game was played. Our concept hunt was underway.

Drawing inspiration from the largest tech companies around, we sought ways to incorporate a futuristic style into the world of promo management. Our approach aimed to highlight the various components of the platform that were unique and norm-shattering for each of the end users. Once we had the vision, we took great pride in putting it all together in a modern, sleek combination that previewed the clear path forward for the industry.

The branding was complete: a stylized website with the look and feel of two separate worlds coming together, technology and event management, and the mobile app to go along with it.

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