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The Tivnu Gap Year is nine months of hands-on Jewish social justice engagement. Participants create a community living together, discovering the Pacific Northwest, and exploring the bond between Jewish life and social justice while working with Portland’s cutting-edge grassroots organizations.

Services Provided:

Digital Marketing

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO

Website Design

  • UX Adjustments
  • User Tracking

Video Work

  • Video Branding
  • Youtube SEO

Great Big Digital was incredibly helpful in building Tivnu’s online presence and revamping our website.

–Sara Starr
Engagement Coordinator, Tivnu

Business Metrics

Program Participants

Year to Year increase:⬆200%

Social Engagements

Top Facebook Posts (total reach):
2019: 414
2020: 9,175

Website Engagement

Year to Year Users: ⬆50%

Avg. Session Duration: ⬆20%

Pages per Session: ⬆3%

Digital Marketing

What They Had

Like many companies, they were putting some money into digital ads, but not targeting their audience very well.  This means a good portion of their ad views were low-quality leads, and their money could be better spent.

What They Wanted

More exposure specifically to their target audience, not just anyone.  That meant targeting ads towards Jewish students thinking about taking a gap year as well as their parents. 

What They Got

A digital marketing strategy geared towards increasing organic SEO, driving qualified leads with targeted keyword PPC ads, and increasing their social engagement.


"GBDA helped maximize the use of our Facebook page, allowing us to reach more potential participants in our gap year program. "

Google Ads

How do you make sure you get your message to the right people?   Pay Google to do it!  We created a Google Ads strategy focused on specific key variations on the most common search term associated with Tivnu - “gap year.”  Because more specific terms don’t have as much bid competition, this maximized their budget while engaging their paid ads for users more likely to engage.


Facebook Ads

When trying to reach your audience, it helps to let the audience do some of that work!  Tivnu already had a network of friends and followers from previous participants - they just needed a little help putting it to use.  We coached Tivnu through what content would be ideal to push to their followers, and how best to boost the engagement to expand their reach.  When combined with a write-up piece in a well known publication, they saw their engagement surge - which led to a nice increase in site visits.

Search Engine Optimization

Attaining high ranking on Google can seem like chasing a white whale. To help Tivnu increase their web presence, we:

  • Rewrote content to rank on key terms (Gap Year)
  • Consulted on backlink sites
  • Adjusted site structure to increase pageviews per session (a key SEO criteria)
  • Created YouTube playlist to begin ranking in YouTube’s search engine

Website Design

What They Had

A website with a lot of good information, but not a clear path to finding relevant information for each user.

What They Wanted

Users to more easily find the information they were looking for, and a means for Tivnu to learn more about which parts of the site were being used.

What They Got

A reformed user funnel to make information accessible, readable, and trackable.  Also usage tracking with Hotjar and basic analysis of their site metrics.


The whole team was fantastic at breaking down the tasks we were working on, determining what on our website was most interesting to potential participants, so that our entire team could be part of the process.

User Tracking

We used Google Analytics to get baseline information on which pages and sources were most active, and implemented Hotjar to track user experiences. The data showed that much of the information on their site was going unread. We strategized with them on how to spread this information across multiple pages so users could more easily navigate to what they wanted. 


User Experience Adjustments

Having information on your site is great, but only if users read it.  In Tivnu’s case, a large amount of program information was housed on one long, scrolling page.  To give users better accessibility, we broke up the information across multiple pages, making it more accessible to users and more visible for SEO.  The added benefit to Tivnu is that now they can better see which pages (and thus which information) their users are interested in - which can better inform their content strategy. 

We used Google Data Studio to build customized, interactive reports of their analytics data. These are not only designed for easy understanding across multiple departments, but their interactive features allow users to play around with the data to see what is most relevant to them. Now their data can benefit everyone!

Video Work

What They Had

A lot of good content sitting in a folder, but not being shared with the world! Such potential to engage an audience.

What They Needed

Consistent branding on videos they shared, and a strategy for distributing that content all in one place.

What They Got

An animated intro/outro to put on the start of all their videos, and a YouTube content plan to show off their stuff!


Through Great Big Digital’s help we were able to establish a YouTube channel with engaging videos, which we hope to continue to grow now that we were trained in the skills and understand how to use it effectively.

Video Branding

With so many options of available video content to choose from, users' standards and expectations keep rising. For businesses wishing to share content like Tivnu, this means achieving a level of branding and professionalism that will make their content shine.

We created a custom animation to easily attach to the beginning of any video before sharing. It adds a professional touch to their content, and differentiates them from other similar videos - which increases their brand awareness.


YouTube SEO

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine online (after Google)? And like Google, there are strategies to making your content visible to users on the platform.

For Tinvu, we created a content organization that divided their YouTube channel into playlists that would help their visibility on their strategic keywords. We also helped them set up their channel and trained them on best practices. Now they’re set up to share their story with the world!