Thinaër is a Saas platform that optimizes your operational performance by building solutions that integrate IoT data, real-time feedback, advanced analytics, and change management consulting.


Using proprietary technology, they integrate real-time data from your assets with feedback from your people to present a dynamic, 360° view of your organization, and partner with you to chart a path for growth.

Services Provided:

Design Implementation

Custom Post Types

Form Creation


The executive team really loves it. When we presented the site the first time, everyone was like “wow it’s so cool!” Internally people have been really impressed. Really excited about it as an asset to represent us.

–Rebecca Zinn
Vice President, Marketing and Strategy | DevlapMe

Custom Website Development

What They Had

While merging with another company, Thinaër was repositioning their branding.  As part of this initiative, their design team came to us with a vision for the look and functionality of their new website.

What They Wanted

They wanted their new site to convey the product experience and drive contact.  For existing clients, they envisioned a resource hub with sortable content. And with big things planned on the horizon, they wanted the foundation to be easily scalable.

What They Got

Their vision - built on a solid, manageable foundation. 

A resource portal to engage their users, built to grow. 

Training for their team to confidently take control.


Design Implementation - building the foundation

Thinaër already had a great design created by their team, and knew what they wanted their site to do. One of the biggest features: a resource portal that users could sort according to their industry. While they didn’t have a ton of resources to start, they knew they would be adding many more over time.  That meant the site would have to be built to easily scale, and structured in a way that their team could easily use.


Through our brainstorming and collaboration, we strategized the best approach to structuring the CRM for their team's needs.  In the end, we were able to build the site they had envisioned on a structure that would easily let them add or modify content, and even add new industry categories if needed.  They were off and running, with plenty of room to grow.


"The collaboration with your team was seamless. An excellent experience when it came to communication, implementation, timelines - and we appreciated input on our designs.. Ultimately they were implemented perfectly - basically exactly what our designer put together. A testament to the workflow between us to be able to translate the visual to the reality online."

Resource Tracking Sheet
Resource Tracking Sheet
Resource Archive
Resource Archive

Custom Post Types

The most involved feature Thinaër wanted on their website was a resource portal for their users.  These resources would be housed in an archive page where users could sort by industry and topic, and also appear on relevant pages throughout the site in a “related resources” section.  At the time of the site build there were about a dozen resources, but they planned on adding up to 100 over the next year.  This meant it was very important that the process of adding new content be easy for their team.


Our solution?  Custom Post Types.


We collaborated with Thinaër to understand how the content would need to be sorted, and strategized an organizational schema that would work.  This resulted in a collaborative spreadsheet to organize all the content based on type, topic, industry, and other important fields.


Next, we developed a post type in WordPress that contained all the relevant fields and tags to categorize new content.  We built the content sections throughout the site to sort these post types based on which categorizations were needed.  This meant that when the Thinaër team needed to add new content, they would just have to input it once on their WordPress dashboard, and it would automatically appear where it needed on the site.


Digital resources: managed.

Back End

We set it up so the Thinaër team could continue to add new resources by populating a simple form on the site's back end.

Front End

Once a new resource is added with all information and tags, it is now visible on the site and searchable in the archive.


"It’s definitely serving the needs we envisioned. We wanted to build a Thought Leadership library that could scale up and not diminish functionality. GBDA really heard our needs and understood what we were looking to do and their clarifying questions helped us structure out our thinking in a more detailed way. They listed, they helped, and they executed."


Multi-step form creation

Thinaër had been planning a number of in-person conferences where they would explain possible applications of their platform to sponsors. The problem? Those in-person conferences were cancelled. They wanted a new way of delivering that feedback digitally.

We built a form that posed the same questions the team would have asked in person, and used a multi-step structure to help guide the user’s thinking. The end product aggregated their answers into a PDF, which can be printed after submitting their email.  This gave users helpful content while giving Thinaër a new lead funnel.  While it’s not quite the same as a face to face meeting, it's a pretty good digital audible.


"We were thinking about our plan to continue engaging sponsors, it would be helpful to have a spot on the site where visitors could engage and have us ask them what we would be asking them at the conference. It’s definitely generated some new leads."