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Make Big Moves to the Top

What's the deal with Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click Management Services

Imagine putting up a billboard, but only paying for it when people actually walked into your store. Pay-per-click advertising displays ads to the people most likely to be interested, and you only pay when they visit your site.

PPC ads show up at the top of search results before the organic listings and look just like organic search results. To be immediately at the top of search listings? That's a Great Big Move! And because you only pay for the ad placement when a customer clicks on the ad, you only pay for actual visitors to your site. That's Great Big Value.

What Do You Get?

  • High Placement

    Ads always appear in search results at the top, before organic listings. Even if your competitor is organically ranked first, your paid ad will show up above it. Leave 'em in the digital dust.

  • Draw Active Searchers

    The best kind of customer is the one who knows what they want. By placing ads in front of someone actively searching for your product, you are reaching the customers most likely to buy. Better make sure you are the one they find.

  • Get Relevant Visibility

    Your ad placement depends on relevant keywords, so you're not wasting visibility on unrelated searches. This gives you a great chance at snagging clicks.

  • Immediate Results

    Ads go into effect immediately. No waiting to be approved by editors or to be run at the assigned time slot. Once the ad is live, it will start showing up in potential customers' search results.

Why Work With Us?

PPC is all about how to make the biggest impact with a limited budget. Well, we once bartered-up on Craigslist from a pen to a five-thousand-dollar tapestry. So yeah, we see opportunity, where other people aren't looking.

Platforms We Use

  • Google

    The platform whose name is literally synonymous with "search." You need to be there.

  • Bing/Yahoo

    Yes, people do use them. Less commonly used search platforms can optimize pricing and get you more bang for your buck.

  • Google Analytics

    Track the usage and demographics of customers interacting with your ads to better understand their effectiveness and direct strategy.

Clients We've Worked With

What People are Saying


I’ve known Josh (of GB) for a few years so he was a great fit for me in my SEO struggle. He’s easy going, answered all my questions and knows his field well. He’s the SEO expert at GB and I knew he presented at the recent SXSW Conference in Austin which also says tons. Josh prepared a website analysis report for me. I found it much more readable and understandable than reports I had gotten in the past. He made the changes that needed to be addressed and the results were clear: Over the next two months I watched my Google Organic Ranking go from being  3rd to 5th to 1st or 2nd! Not only that, but I also come up mostly first for Google’s Local Business Pack which is at the very top of the Search Engine Results Page.

Christopher Hudson

Owner, Rittenhouse Acupuncture

Hiring GB was one of the best decisions I've made for my business. I had initially set things up myself with Google Analytics and Adwords, but was unsure whether the money I was spending on ads was really bringing in customers. Josh and the team at GB were able to properly get analytics up and running on my site, and they also implemented a bunch of improvements I never would have thought of myself. In the end, GB optimized my website to capture more customers, and through better data via their analytics setup I was able to significantly decrease my ad spending while maintaining a high level of business. Overall I'm thrilled with their work and will definitely be returning to them for all my future marketing and advertising needs.

Tom Rudnitsky


What good things are there not to say about GB?  From what started as a small technology request implementation a couple years ago has grown into working with them full time on most of their provided marketing and design services.  Their team members each has a unique experience and background which allows them to provide very unique and authentic content. If a 5 headed marketing dragon could be a company then that's maybe the best way I can describe them.  They are a company who can grow with up and coming companies or work with a very established business as well. Bottom line, there vision and business acumen is second to none!

Jesse Shemesh

President, Point Acquisitions

My businesses are built on high-levels of customer care; GB gave me the same standard of care that I give to my customers. They asked to meet with me until they had a solid understanding of my needs—before we even signed an agreement, they communicated throughout the project—making sure all questions were answered and all expectations were being met. GB is a high-value company and will give you more than you expect for the price that you pay.

Phil Clark

Founder/Owner, The Training Station

Prompt, professional, and expert service for web design & SEO.  Always responsive to client's needs. Having had experience with many other such professionals, GB is the go-to service!  Contact us if you need further details.

Ditza Katz PT PhD

Founder, Women's Therapy Center

If you're gonna give Google your money...