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The 2017 Philly Tech Week Digital Storybook

Brought to you by Great Big

The Philly Tech Week Picture Storybook: Everyone has heard the famous phrase about digital marketing that "Content is King,” but we at Great Big like to extend that and say that "Creativity is Queen!" Philly has a vibrant community of smart, fun, & imaginative companies that make the scene a growing powerhouse of technological advancement. We set out during Philly Tech Week to unite our community with an engaging activity to showcase not only the tech, but also the underlying creativity that sets Philly apart from the world.

We built a web-based platform that allowed everyone to collaboratively build a story one sentence at a time, asking each person to continue where the story left off. The catch? They could only see the most recent sentence. Each person then had a choice: author the next one or illustrate the one they could see. All in all, we had about 100 submissions from companies all over Philly and the surrounding area.

Let this PTW Picture Storybook stand as a representation of the incredible Philly vibe, scene, & creativity as we as a community push ourselves to innovate locally and beyond.

An Interactive Collaborative Project

Thank you to all representatives of the various companies/institutions that let their creative souls soar and laughed with us throughout our storytelling exploration:

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