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Grue & Bleen’s Makeover

What’s in a Name?

In case you hadn’t tried to read it out loud yet, “Grue & Bleen” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and we can’t even count the number of wishful attempts we’ve heard over the years. Blue & Green, Glue & Spleen, Ruined Bean, you name it! We still wanted to keep the G and the B so we thought: "Hmmm...'Great' and 'Big' are 2 words everyone can pronounce and reflect our great big ideas." Soooooo we made the switch…you’re welcome!

Our Discovery Process

Even though the original name isn’t front and center anymore, Grue & Bleen the concept is still a major part of who we are and everything we do. What began as a journey to find a metaphorically creative and “clever” name for our atypical approach led us to a super cool philosophical topic: Nelson Goodman’s New Riddle of Induction, AKA the Grue & Bleen Theory. In our minds, no matter how hard it might have been to say, it was US. Colorful. Forward-thinking. Dynamic.

The Philosophy Behind the Name

In short, the Grue & Bleen Theory is about potential for change that defies expectation, arguing that nothing should be assumed based on past experiences because experiences aren’t definitions; they’re perceptions. A perspective of one moment in time that will never be shared or experienced again.


Using a colorful example, people typically assume leaves they see today will look green because they were green yesterday (the expectation). Without a definition though, nothing says today’s leaf-green couldn’t look water-blue tomorrow (the change), so it really must have been “grue,” the literal word mix mashup and metaphorical representation of the change, the whole time (the potential). In other words, embrace the potential for change and call life out for what it is: evolutionary.


Check out our former logo below, which represents the philosophy:

The Theory in Real Life

At Grue & Bleen, er, uhm, Great Big Digital, we don’t want to assume. Sure, things have worked for your business in the past, but we can’t rely on that being the case forever. We refuse to let it make us lazy. Instead, we work our asses off to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate all the amazing possibilities so we can take the right approach and make them happen. We take your blues and turn them into greens. That’s just how we grue.

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