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Great Big Case Study
Pure Finance

"We feel great about the partnership. They do a great job of communicating, taking feedback, and pivoting when the project changes.  They give us confidence to call upon them for our future initiatives."

Company Overview

Pure Finance Group is a team of financial experts that helps clients find the right type of financing solution, no matter what their financial circumstances are. The company was born from the improvement industry with the goal of providing exceptional customer service with competitive rates. They focus on collaborating with contractors to provide them the flexibility they need to grow and service their business.

Platform Migration

When you want to keep all your stuff, but move into a nicer apartment. 

“We were looking for a long term partner we could rely on when we had changes to our business model, launch enhancements to our digital applications.  If we’re gonna grow and do this right we’re gonna need someone with the capabilities to do all that.”

What They Had

  • A quick template.  
  • OK for showing basic info, but couldn’t really handle anything past that.

What They Wanted

  • Online resources their clients could engage with.
  • Integration with their CRM and other applications.

What They Got

  • A WordPress site identical to their old site, but built to scale with their ambitions. 

WordPress Backbone

Pure Finance was fine with the look of their site - they didn’t want to drastically change how it looked.  But they wanted to change what it could do.  So we packed up their stuff and moved it to a nicer building - digitally speaking.


We audited their current site and mapped out how to best replicate it on WordPress.  One of their pain points was not being able to easily add new content sections and information, so we installed our custom Great Big Builder to allow their team to add content blocks easily.


We couldn't make enhancements, so we wanted to get the website on a new domain and server.  GBDA were the most transparent about their process and capabilities.  We appreciated that clarity.

Asset Migration

When you move into a new house, it doesn’t feel like home until you have all your stuff set up.  


Now that we had a new site structured, we pulled all their branding and photo assets from their old site.   Looked the same, but on the back-end, everything was upgraded.  Visitors wouldn’t even know anything had changed!   


We also called the cable guy to get them set up with Tivo but they never showed...



When you spend too much time on repetitive tasks, it's time to build a robot.

“It’s been a big leg up because it's a process that we can offer that not many others can.  Customers want to control their own destiny, do it on their terms, and these tools gave us the ability to let them do that.”

What They Had

  • Requests handled and input by sales staff.
  • Lots of lost administrative time.

What They Wanted

  • An automated process for taking new quote requests.
  • Quicker turnaround for requests.

What They Got

  • An automated process for receiving and producing quotes.
  • Lots of time saved

Accessing and using Experian API

A common administrative task around the Pure Finance office was working with lenders to get customers pre-qualified.  This meant getting a request, taking in the necessary info, contacting Experian, waiting for the score, and relaying the information back to the lender.  


One especially frustrating day, someone couldn’t take it anymore and yelled at the top of their lungs:




Fortunately we were passing by and heard their cry for help.


Our developers built a form that took in all the information Experian needs to retrieve a credit score.  Then, we used Experian’s public API to create access their database - pulling the credit score instantly.  Now, all lenders had to do was fill out a form on the website and get their results.  

No more email submissions, back and forth with Experian, or frustrated outbursts. Just a nice Credit-Score retrieving robot that lives inside their website.


It was very labor intensive, not high value work.  Not most engaging for our team and not so quick for our customer.  So it was an easy solution when you know it can be automated.

Sending info into Salesforce using Salesforce API

Pure Finance was happy but not completely satisfied...yet.


“Ok sure, now we have this amazing tool... But we don't have a way to track all the data and charge for the service.”


Great Big Digital was already one step ahead planning for that. We used their Salesforce API to integrate form submissions with their CRM so that all submissions would be stored and sorted how they needed it.  We also used Google Tag Manager to track how many times individual dealers used the tool, and made a dashboard to easily see this information.  


A new sound began to rise from their sales team… it was sighs of relief!  They had their time back!


“Now I can redirect our resources to do more valuable things, things that are good for their growth.”

Branded Materials

When you need your socks to match every time you go out

“Home run, gentleman. Everyone loves the look and the formatting is super easy. Thank you!”

What They Had

  • Pricing sheets that took way too long to adapt per client.
  • Lots of frustration constantly re-formatting their edits.

What They Wanted

  • Professional looking, branded documents that can be easily modified by their team to reflect changes over time.

What They Got

  • Easily editable document templates.
  • Time saved from frustrating formatting issues.

The Price is Wrong

Getting prices out to clients shouldn’t be a pain, especially if you know your stuff as well as Pure Finance does.  But they had a glitch in their process that was costing them valuable time and energy.  


Each time they send clients pricing, they would adapt their pricing sheet (an editable PDF) with new headings and figures.  But the templates had been designed to look nice - not to fit their administrative needs, and would lose their formatting when changes were made.  This forced the sales team to spend precious time re-formatting each time they wanted to send a new client pricing.


Formatting the Future

We found out their needs for layout, adaptability, and workflow.  Then we re-designed their materials into a set of templated and branded Word documents that would be much easier to adapt and export.


Goodbye, “trying to inch a column a few pixels to the left” 


Hello, “administrative efficiency.”


The CRO process entailed creating a new design for the pages, randomly splitting user experience between the old and new, and comparing the results after enough traffic had come through to achieve statistical significance. We kept repeating this process until NSM was happy with their new designs, and more importantly, with their new conversion numbers.