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Great Big Case Study
Peterson Insurance

"We had a great experience with Great Big Digital. They're super friendly and easy to work with, always available and able to fit every deadline. We were able to get the end result for everything we asked for and hoped for"

Company Overview

If you live in Havertown PA, chances are you or someone you know has been insured by the team at Peterson.  An independent insurance agent and broker, Peterson serves their community by helping people navigate the complicated world of insurance coverage.


A constant focus on customer service and personal connection makes their clients feel like family, and helps them feel secure knowing their assets are well covered.

Key Metrics

Monthly Conversions Increase


Lead-to-Sale Ratio


Increase in Organic Search


Web Design

“We love it!  We love how they took our ideas, but also brought in their own and helped us find the vision we were looking for in the design and function. We had a lot of requests and they were able to incorporate them into the site. We love the way it flows and have gotten lots of good feedback from customers!”

What They Had

Peterson’s first website was a cookie-cutter. It looked just like every other insurance site, because it was based on the same template. They had no control over content, a poor sales funnel, and virtually no back-end customization. 

What They Wanted

They wanted something that represented them - a professional and personal look, with content they could control and update themselves.  They wanted a structure geared for SEO and a strategic sales funnel that would easily bring clients to start a quote and promote lead generation.  

What They Got

A WordPress site built from the ground-up, filled with custom photos, graphics, and personal finesse.  On top of that, they got a re-designed user experience that promotes lead generation, and custom forms to help automate their admin process.  The cherry on top: they now own the site completely (not a standard thing) and get trained on how to update it themselves as their company evolves.


Looks like most insurance sites because… that’s what it is.


Now they stand out! Talk about attention to detail...

Drag the divider to see the comparison between the old and new site design

Hey You, Viewing This Website... Who Are You And Whad'ya Want?

We presented clear insurance categories that would quickly separate users based on their goals and made the “Start a Quote” button prominent on every page. The result?  A smooth path to getting everyone what they are looking for without having to sift through clutter.

A good user experience gets a customer to what they want, even if they aren't sure what that is yet. A GREAT user experience also records that user-engagement and delivers it back to the company so they can better understand their customers!


“It's helped with conversion.  Previous visitors might find the site but not convert. Now we’re getting a lot more of those visitors feel comfortable using features on the site and submitting a quote. Also, existing clients have found it easy to browse for other products and have reached out to quote another line of business for them.”

Custom Content: Seeing Is Believing

Peterson is all about personal connection to their community, so we wanted the site to quickly convey that by putting them front and center.  For us, that meant driving out to meet them - and what a fun day that was to get out to Havertown for a photoshoot with the whole team!

We took these new group photos and headshots back to our digital laboratories and got to work.  We added custom graphics, icons, and little animations  - the little stuff that conveys their warm family charm and playful vibe. Who knew insurance people could be so genuinely great?!


“They delivered exactly what we asked for. Our goal was to make the site more friendly, warm, and human - so the new icons and pictures helped bring that fun positive vibe that we try to go for to the site.”

The Future Is In Your Hands

Believe it or not, our goal for every website we build is to eventually get out of the way.  We don't want to make something that only we understand; rather, we want our clients to feel confident using the tools we provide them. 

Peterson wanted to be able to easily update staff information, blog posts, and new product offerings.  By building these pages on custom post types and training them on the platform, we essentially turned them into their own web developers. 

The solution?  Offline conversion tracking. By capturing the unique Google Analytics Cookie Id with a hidden field, and using webhooks and automation flows, we were able to send in offsite conversion data and revenue into their Google Analytics.  Now, with conversion data connected to sales data, they could start creating actual ROI reports and tie revenue to the the original marketing channel.


Custom team section with full-color hover effects


Personalized profiles of each member that are linked to the headshot thumbnails


Custom posts allow Peterson to easily update existing profiles and add new members

“I feel very confident when I’m going into the system to make any changes. I’ve been able to make a lot of updates in there. We recently received a local award and I was able to add that to the site myself.  But if there’s something more complicated, we feel comfortable reaching out.”

Custom Digital Tools

“Now we can go to admin settings so different leads can go to the correct department. We can really tailor it to the staff getting notifications - so our response time is much quicker because its not sitting in a general email.”

What They Had

Not Much.  A form submission to start a quote, but with a design that didn't entice customers and didn't do much more than send Peterson an email.  This meant low engagement, low lead quality, and lots of administrative time spent following up. 

What They Wanted

They wanted a form designed to be easy to use and dynamic based on insurance product. They also wanted back end automation to give their agents more information and cut down on their turnaround time for leads.

What They Got

A call to action that customers would actually use.  Specifically, a "start a quote" form that was easy and accessible - meaning more engagement and better leads.  Plus, a survey that let customers start building their profile before Peterson's agents even opened their email.

Good Form, Smee...Good Form

How do you make a form more appealing? Don't overwhelm users with tons of fields and menus - make it fun to fill out, and user will feel like they're playing a game. Not only will it look nicer...


It's been proven to increase conversion rates.


We used bright and friendly icons to make it visually appealing, and layered the process to make it more engaging to click through.  The choices are customized for each and every service offered, so customers don't have to input unnecessary information.  It also gives Peterson the right data to qualify their leads.


Let's Leave This To The Robots

For every lead that came in, Peterson was sending out a follow-up email asking for details so they could start building a client profile. This was time consuming administrative work, that dragged down their turnaround time.  This prompted the key question...   


Wouldn’t it be great if this could all be automated?


It sure would - so we did. Our team created and dynamically linked this "quiz" with Peterson’s administrative back end to populate its client profiles on its own. That significantly cut down a time-exhaustive step of their sales process and now gives them a head start with their leads.


“It’s helped everything. Helps our conversion rate with new customers, our timeframe with turning that around. And it boosts our positive atmosphere in the office because it makes it easier for everyone to have what they need.”

Explainer Video

“We loved it!  We were so excited, it’s so fun.  We did an initial write up and Pete took it from there, got inside our head and honed what we were trying to say, helped us improve our idea.  We gave him a lot of free range on the visuals and loved what he came up with!”

What They Had

A fantastic service that helps their customers navigate the confusing landscape of insurance across multiple providers. This is called being an "Independent Agent." The problem?  This isn't how most insurance agents work and new customers sometimes had a hard time understanding their model and what they could offer.

What They Wanted

A quick, engaging way to clearly explain their business to new customers who might not understand what an independent insurance agent does. Ideally, this would be a video they could put on their website, use in email campaigns, and promote on social media.  And of course, something that shows off their personality and approachability.

What They Got

Something that speaks to the people they want to do business with. A way to explain the overview of their business in an easily digestible, visually engaging, and concise way. The journey of creating the script gave Peterson an eye-opening perspective on how to explain their business. They also got an awesome video out of it!

Explanatory Metaphor - Like if an Analogy Had a TV Show

 Don’t know anything about independent insurance brokers?  Well, maybe you know something about having a shopping buddy. Boom - you're halfway there.   Picking accessible metaphors like this is a great way of quickly building understanding and making information engaging and accessible. Not only can you now understand the business, but you learned it by watching a fun cartoon!

You've Got The Whole World... In a Cartoon

There are plenty of animated video services out there that will use a template to put some stick figures through an action.  The problem with that that it's just AN explainer video.  Not YOUR explainer video.


That wouldn't cut it for Peterson.  They wanted their customers to see their personality, style, humor, and even their faces and office.  That meant going in depth with probing questions, design ideas, storyboarding, and transforming their likeness into cartoons.  Eat your heart out, Pixar.


1. Goals

We had an extensive back-and-forth with Peterson asking question after question to understand their goals, audience, and what is absolutely important to say. The idea is to take something normally explained in an hour-long discussion and turn it into a 1.5 minute script.


2. Graphic Assets

We made sure the graphics were uniquely Peterson, right down to their storefront. We even modeled some characters off of the original team members. Now that's a personal touch!


3. Animatic

Before moving on to the final production, we created an animatic, which is a rough motion-oriented storyboard video cut with the professionally recorded voiceover. This allowed Peterson to see the flow and make any structural changes before diving in to the final animation.


4. Final Animation

After all the hard work from both our teams, the final explainer video, distilled to its essential information and geared towards the right people, was complete. The final product is a collaborative effort and something we can all be proud of.

Responsive Layout - This Film Has Been Modified to Fit Your Screen

Peterson wanted to be able to use this video on multiple platforms and media.  The full video and narration would work well on their site and in email campaigns.  But on social media, posts tend to be square format and people usually scroll on mute.  So what to do?  No need for re-shoots, just re-formatting.


We modified the video into a version optimized for watching on the phone, specifically in a Facebook or Instagram feed. In our research and experience, the optimal mobile video for mobile experience is in a square format with added text for watching on mute. Now this video can be appreciated on every device!