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Great Big Case Study
NSM Insurance

"They were nothing short of phenomenal. The growth that we’ve experienced year over year since their work was implemented has been directly related to what they did."

Company Overview

NSM Insurance Group is a full service insurance facility, providing industry specific insurance programs through independent agents across the country.


They boast over 30,000 commercial clients, and over $1 billion in premiums annually.

Insurance Brand A Business Metrics

Total Quotes

May 2019 vs May 2020: ⬆19%

June 2019 vs June 2020: ⬆23%

July 2019 vs July 2020: ⬆31%

Total Binds

May 2019 vs May 2020: ⬆18%

June 2019 vs June 2020: ⬆22%

July 2019 vs July 2020: ⬆32%

Increase in Calls

May 2019 vs May 2020: ⬆35%

June 2019 vs June 2020: ⬆42%

July 2019 vs July 2020: ⬆47%

Analytics Implementation

“It was in complete disarray… they set it up flawlessly.”

What They Had

A faulty and limited understanding of data and analytics, with no clear knowledge of how well the site was converting its goals and generating leads.  A faulty implementation of Google Analytics meant their data wasn’t accurate anyway.

What They Wanted

An accurate, clear representation of how sites were being used - where users were coming from, what they were doing, and what leads were being converted.

What They Got

Fixed and updated website tags to accurately gather site activity; cleaned up Google Analytics integration to ensure accurate reporting, and properly segmented data to represent different key performance indicators and user groups.

Let's See What’s Troubling You: The Analytics Audit

Limited data reporting is one thing, but inaccurate data reporting is even worse! Because the tagging and analytics had been set up incorrectly, leads were being double-reported - meaning NSM had a completely skewed view of what was going on.


Step one: diagnose. We performed an audit of all their tags and GA implementation to see where the trouble spots were and what needed to be cut, added, or untangled. This is an important step, as starting from scratch would mean losing all historical data.


This Goes Here, and That Goes There: Analytics Implementation

Now that we had identified trouble spots, it was time to clean it all up. We used Google Tag Manager to fix any tags on the site that weren’t firing correctly, and added tags for any important engagement not yet being tracked. We set up goals in Google Analytics based on NSM’s conversion priorities, and linked the appropriate data streams to provide information about their success rate. This immediately started providing valuable insights into actual user activity on the site.


Offline Tracking Integration

Like many companies, ACI had a large blind spot in their data when trying to understand their marketing ROI. This led to all sorts of questions, from “which leads actually turn into sales and which marketing channels drive actual quotes?” to “which channels lead to more return customers and long-term revenue generation?” Because all of their sales data was stored in the CRM and all of their marketing data was in Google Analytics, understanding the full picture of their funnel was very difficult.


The solution?  Offline conversion tracking. By capturing the unique Google Analytics Cookie Id with a hidden field, and using webhooks and automation flows, we were able to send in offsite conversion data and revenue into their Google Analytics.  Now, with conversion data connected to sales data, they could start creating actual ROI reports and tie revenue to the the original marketing channel.


Reporting & Visualization

“There was a heap of data that few people in the organization understood. Now not only is it organized but things are clear all the way down from top leadership to digital marketing. Everyone understands what's happening.”

What They Had

Data that was all lumped together into one inaccessible mess. They couldn’t view segmented data or goal conversion, and only a few people in the company could understand what they were seeing.

What They Wanted

A clear representation of how their site goals were performing across multiple different platforms, user groups, and timelines. They also wanted this information to be more widely understood within the company.

What They Got

Strategically designed segmentation and views in Google Analytics to easily see conversion goals and information from the most relevant data groups. Also, custom dashboards in Google Data Studio to visualize the data in a way everyone could understand.

Segmented Google Analytics Views

Even if their data had been accurate (it wasn’t), it was just lumped together in a big bucket. The power of Google Analytics isn’t in storing data - it’s in the ability to combine different data streams into segments and groups that have strategic importance to the company.


Because NSM had multiple insurance sites with slightly different needs, it was important to make their data as organized as possible. We built views based around their key user groups, properties, pages, and activity sources. This let them easily see conversion rates and other data from across multiple properties and sites.


“GBDA is one of the best vendors I've ever worked with in my career, because things are so streamlined.”

Data Studio Reports

Now that NSM’s data accurately represented user experience on the site, they wanted these insights to be accessible to everyone in the company who might benefit from understanding them. Not everyone in a company can understand Google Analytics, no matter how well organized or impeccably segmented it may be.

We used Google Data Studio to build customized, interactive reports of their analytics data. These are not only designed for easy understanding across multiple departments, but their interactive features allow users to play around with the data to see what is most relevant to them. Now their data can benefit everyone!


“What used to be a chain of emails exchanging information, now I have access and can share and provide feedback directly to the marketing team.”

Conversion Rate Optimization

“What was so valuable was that in addition to the tech and design side, they really get the underlying business needs of a company. That combination of business acumen and technical execution is rare. That’s what you get working with Great Big Digital.”

What They Had

A user funnel that generated a modest amount of leads, but could certainly be better.

What They Wanted

Ultimately, they wanted more leads. More submissions, calls, and customers.

What They Got

Experiments designed to optimize conversions and the data to prove they did just that.

Strategic Design Tests

Together with NSM, we identified portions of the user funnel that needed improved engagement. The best way to see if a new design will increase conversion? The power of science! We launched a series of CRO experiments, and then let the data speak for itself. This takes a combination of skills to do well - design, analytics, and understanding business goals. Put together, it’s a very powerful tool.


The CRO process entailed creating a new design for the pages, randomly splitting user experience between the old and new, and comparing the results after enough traffic had come through to achieve statistical significance. We kept repeating this process until NSM was happy with their new designs, and more importantly, with their new conversion numbers.


“Sometimes, we proposed a design, they would come back with something else, and we weren’t sure. They didn’t roll over for us - it was understood that a back and forth was part of the work. They would give us pros and cons of different options to help us make a decision. Trust was earned right away because we could see the results based on the data of which ideas were working - which was usually theirs!”

Data-driven Funnel Adjustments

The end result of these experiments was an updated user funnel.  The best part? There wasn’t any concern as to whether these changes would work - they were already working!  That’s why we chose them.

Following these CRO implementations, NSM saw their engagement numbers and lead generation continue to grow - in some cases increasing calls over 30%!


“We wanted to adjust our “request a quote” form to get more customers to call into the call center. We tested it to find out how many options to give the user to maximize engagement. If we didn’t do CRO we wouldn’t have that information.”