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Joined Up with ECS for Internship Program

The Episcopal Community Services Internship Program

After our first year and a half in business, we found ourselves looking for a bit of extra help around the office to keep up with all the client work. It was a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless! We weren’t quite ready for hiring, so we reached out to the incredible team at Benjamin’s Desk to see what kind of resources they might have available for our growing digital marketing agency. As it turns out, they had plenty, including an introduction to the great team at Episcopal Community Services (ECS).

The ECS Program

ECS offers a wonderful program called Seeing Youth Succeed that connects their youth community members with local businesses in various industries to offer paid internships that align with their skills and interests. We interviewed with the program directors, letting them know what kind of work we had to offer and what kind of people we were so they could find a match. After a few conversations, (in-person, by phone, and through email,) they felt it would great if we met an aspiring web developer named Steve. We’re so glad we did!

Real Work Experience

When Steve started working with us, he wasn’t getting coffee, printing out reports, or filing documents; he was finger-deep into coding websites for actual clients! He left his digital fingerprints on 10, count ‘em, 10 different websites in his time working with us. He sat at the table with the team, asked his questions, learned his lessons, and turned that all into solid coding work in a real world environment. We had a great time working with him, and we hope that he felt the same. Thanks, Steve!


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