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Innovate Philly


Innovate Philly produces a 350-page in-depth study on people, companies, products, and services that are doing something exceptionally innovative in a city or entrepreneurial ecosystem. They welcome business leaders and decision-makers who can affect change in their industries and play an active role in its growth and development. The publications are divided into three types of contributors: the experts, the innovators, and the supporters.

Naturally they included GB in their publication. They wrote, “The Grue & Bleen Agency owners and partners believe wholeheartedly that the way marketing, social media, analytics, branding, and even creativity have been done in the past may not work in the future. Traditions and conventions may appear to be the best options at this moment in time, but change is inevitable and necessary. Whether through creating branding, increasing effective exposure, or understanding key business data points, the team helps bring about effective change to allow their clients to embrace the future. “

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