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How to pay a parking ticket in Philly without a ticket number

Dec 10, 2019 / Dan Campbell /

Here’s how you can pay a parking ticket in Philly if you’ve misplaced the ticket, using just a little bit of code and a healthy disregard for Authority (of the Philadelphia Parking variety).

After a recent update to the PPA website, you can no longer pay for a ticket unless you know the ticket number. If you’ve lost the ticket this could lead to late payments, which may or may not have been the intention of the PPA dev team. Check out the video and instructions below for a solution.

  1. Go to the PPA Parking Portal: https://onlineserviceshub.com/ParkingPortal/Philadelphia
  2. In the Search By dropdown, select Ticket Number
  3. Enter your License Plate number and select a State
  4. Now, open the console in an inspector window
    • In Chrome on a PC, press Ctrl+Shift+J, on a Mac press Cmd+Opt+J
    • In Firefox on a PC, press Ctrl+Shift+K, on a Mac press Cmd+Opt+K
  5. Copy and paste the following into the console and hit Enter. You’ll notice a special message for the PPA contained within.
$("#otherFirstField").val("Hey there, PPA. Let me pay you!");

Et voila! You should see your results.

Spread the word and help your fellow Philadelphians avoid paying late fees and feel like a l33t hacker!

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