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G&B Talk at the STARTup Fellowship Panel


Grue & Bleen Talks Entrepreneur

Grue & Bleen teamed up with Powti InnovationsVici MediaLeagueSide and Raise the Barr to discuss what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in Philadelphia for Philly Startup Leaders‘ STARTup Fellowship Program.

The STARTup Fellowship program encourages young college talent to START their career in the Philly startup scene by increasing awareness of opportunities and the startup community; providing opportunities for young talent to STAY in Philly by creating a network of recent/soon-to-be grads and tech startups with talent needs; and empowering founders to GROW their businesses in Philly by connecting support systems such as mentors, funding, and additional resources in the city.

Naturally, Grue & Bleen wanted to get involved and encourage the next generation to follow their dreams, passions, and ideas. We discussed trials, tribulations, and successes of our venture as well as the feelings that went alongside them. The most important thing was: don’t give up; if you’re passionate enough about the being an entrepreneur you’ll figure out a way to make it work.


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