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Founders Panel Challenge Talk with Temple Fox EMBA Paris program


On Wednesday 7/26/17, we had the pleasure of talking with students from the École des Ponts Business School, who were here in Philadelphia in conjunction with the Temple Fox Business School EMBA Paris Program. The objective was to present a challenge that we face as a company, and to have the EMBA students workshop the challenge and present possible solutions.

The challenge we presented: as a digital marketing agency, our point of contact can feel threatened by us at the onset, as we tend to work with a marketing manager who ordinarily would perform the tasks we have been contracted to do. Naturally, they feel we are encroaching on their territory. How do we, as an agency, build trust quickly to show that we are there to make their lives easier, and not to replace them?

The business students discussed this ever-present issue and came up with great solutions. One such solution was to address the marketing manager’s biggest needs first, focusing on their perspective rather than our own. Another was to clearly explain that we are merely a tool for their use, and not a full marketing solution. Lastly, they suggested that we focus on digital analytics to highlight successes of the marketing director and show how they are responsible for the improvements through their cooperative work with us.

All of these were great ideas, and it was fun working with these students to come up with them. The class had a great energy to them and hopefully, we’ll see them again! Good luck on your EMBA path, team! Au revoir!


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